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Our Culture

Through the years, Unigold has developed a culture that is aligned with our company’s goals and visions. We emphasise on customer service, precision delivery, and quality products. Our people are distinguished by their discipline, determination, and their relentless efforts to improve the quality of their work.
Integrity in the farm of honesty, responsibility, and a willingness to work beyond their job scopes is always a part of our employees. We have an effective communication system and strong trust-relationships between different departments which enhance our teamwork. On top of these, our self-motivated people are highly adaptable to customers’ needs and economical/environmental changes. These qualities result in a high accountability standard. Still our employees never relent on past performances, but always thriving in self-improvement.

Our People

Customers' Relationship

Unigold has always believed in having a close working relationship with our local and overseas customers. This has enabled us to gain valuable insights and feedback on the current market conditions, and how certain factors affect their daily operations. Therefore, we are able to satisfy the diverse needs and stringent requirements of all our customers. Our company also believes in continuously broadening our customer base. To date, our extensive network of customers, agents. importers, and distributors have spanned over 18 countries. On top of our approximate 300 customers in the region of Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia, we are also looking to extend our diverse base in other regions.
Over the years, we have established our reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality gold chains. This is demonstrated by the reliable purity of our gold chains, our ability to meet customers’ product specifications, and the competitive pricing of our products.

Our company is also reputed for our short turnaround time. This means we are able to meet our customers’ orders quickly. Time is of an essential factor to them as the gold market is very volatile; a short turnaround time helps them to manage the exposure to the fluctuations in the gold prices. and minimize the risks involved in holding gold as inventory.

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