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Unigold has invested in modern machines in order to maintain quality control of its gold chains. Having these machines also helps to shorten the turnaround time, making it possible for us to meet our customers’ orders.
For instance, chains with complex link structure can be laser spot welded, link by link, directly in the bismark machine. The same concept is applied to multiple strand chains such as ball chains and curb chains, which are now commonly combined using laser spot welding technology. In addition, our process of cutting the gold chains is automated using our modern diamond cutting machines. These machines also help to add gloss/shine to the end products.
Besides manufacturing, Unigold also has the appropriate equipment to test the purity of gold, which is also known as assaying. Additionally, the production line is air-conditioned to provide a comfortable working environment for employees. As there are risks involved when processing the raw materials, safety is an important issue in our production line. Unigold has always placed the safety of the workers as its main priority. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure that the workers are not exposed to unnecessary risks. In addition, a safety officer is appointed to Inspect the working environment periodically to ensure that proper safety measures and procedures are taken.