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Unigold offers an extensive range of gold chains which are known for their innovative design and excellent craftsmanship. The high quality and competitive pricing of our products have greatly contributed to our huge database of clientele. Our gold chains are well-known in the market for their sparkling finish and flexibility meaning that the many links in each gold chain will not be easily tangled together. The colours in the finished products are also of high purity.
Our products come in different karatages of 18K, 21K, and 22K, consisting of 3 basic colours: yellow, white and red. We have registered our trade marks “UNIGOLD” and “UG” in Singapore, USA and United Arab Emirates since 2004. In 2010, we also successfully registered our trade marks ‘UNIGOLD” and ‘UG” in India. We have ”UG ®” stamped on our manufactured chains since 2004. It has been a well-recognised brand among our clients since then. In general, there are 6 base designs from which other different designs can be plaited or bismarked into.

Ball Chains

Ball Chains designs come in a comprehensive range of variations. Each variation has its own characteristic to cater to the different types of customers. The Moon Chain design in particular is well received by our customers.

Hollow Rope Chains

This lightweight design appeals to the masculine crowd. Hollow on the inside, it is certainly a value-for-money.

Single Curb Chains

The Single Curb chain design has the most variations out of the 6 base designs, making up 40% of our overall designs. Along with the double curb and cable chains designs, the single curb design has been in the market for more than 3 decades.

Cable Chains

This design is a perfect combination of tradition and style. Its classic look ensures it never goes out of trend. Its popularity is well received by all age groups, including babies!

Double Curb Chains

The Double Curb chains design brings a feeling of uniqueness to the consumer. Products based on this design can be combined with other variations to give the final product a more elegant and exquisite appearance.

Spiga Chains

Products based on this design are very durable. They are also suitable gifts for all kinds of occasions.
Customers can also combine 2 or more of the above mentioned base designs, to achieve a more sophisticated and complex appearance for the finished product.

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