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Our Services


Contract Manufacturing of Gold Chains

Image of Gold Chains Manufacturing Services to Wholesalers

Currently, we only contract our gold chains manufacturing services to wholesalers. We make our chains to order and deliver them directly to wholesalers. Our products come in 18K, 21K, and 22K, and 3 different colours: yellow, white, and red. Although we do not provide customisation services, we have more than 200 in-house designs for our customers to choose from. From our in-house designs, we then produce made-to-order gold chains, differing in length, size, and colour specifications.

Third Party Sourcing

As we have our customers’ interests at heart, we also source for gold jewellery other than the ones we normally produce. Since Unigold has established its reputation as a leading company in Singapore gold industry over the years, we are able to source for gold jewellery through our wide range of contacts.

Sourcing Used Gold

A significant amount of gold supply comes from the resale market. Unigold takes advantage of this by buying used jewellery from shops, suppliers and individuals through our wide range of contacts.

Unigold also helps jewellery shops or suppliers to convert the used gold or jewellery into fast cash by offering them attractive rates.

Value-Added Services

We do provide other value-added services such as assaying as we are equipped with the appropriate equipment in our production line to test the purity of gold. We also provide gold-refining services in which we outsource to another reputable/affiliated company.